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The value of processes

System Mindedness as a success strategy

System Mindedness is the philosophy that everything is a System.

Your business is a system. And its’ either good or bad.

Your business system is made up of all the many processes that you follow daily to execute your business idea. Every process that’s not effective and efficient creates a flaw in your system that may crash your business.


A good system:

A business depends upon its system to run effectively and efficiently. A great system delivers great results. A well designed and efficiently implemented business system delivers consistency, next step clarity, and speed of execution.

A great business system depends upon optimized business processes to make the business system as effective and efficient as possible.

From business setup, startup, and growth to maturity, business processes are critical to business success.

A good system is:

-              clearly defined

-              suitable to the unique business needs

-              in writing

-              successfully integrates all the processes needed to make the system effective and efficient.

-              System processes can be replicated over and over again and can quickly be learned by new role players.

-              Processes successfully transform inputs to the desired standard outputs.

-              All the processes that make up the System can be monitored easily.

-              Process tweaks and changes can be implemented without disrupting the entire system or causing costly stoppages.

-              Processes are optimized so that there are minimal wastage and input demands.

-              There is a continuous development program to monitor efficiency, and to refine processes and the business system to meet changing demand and changes in the market environment.



A bad system:

There are obvious causal links between poorly designed business systems and ineffective system implementation as root causes of business failure. ISO 9001 standards and the entire field of quality in business developed as a consequence of this business reality.

A bad System is chaotic, unclear, and random.

Outcomes are not the result of defined step by step processes. As there are no consistently taken activities(inputs) that lead to a consistent result, (output) results are inconsistent.

Checks can’t be successfully implemented to monitor the process, because there is no defined process to monitor. So quality is subjective, and products /services become unreliable.

The lack of clarity puts stress on the people tasked to do the work. This leads to mistakes, employee dissatisfaction and a high employee turnover.


The lack of consistency creates management distress.

And the lack of reliability leads to customer dissatisfaction, a loss of trust in the company and a downwards spiral of loss of income – ending in business failure. This is a pattern seen reflected in the high number of annual business failures.

The solution?

System mindedness.

Develop the processes that form the business system that is critical to your business success.

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